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Gas Membranes

There are many reasons and conditions that cause gas to generated naturally underground. The production of underground gases would not normally be an issue as the escaping gases are naturally dissipated into the atmosphere.

Problems can present themselves when building are erected on land that is contaminated and producing gas deposits. This escaping gas can gather inside unprotected buildings and reach concentration levels that are dangerous to the people within.The most common gases to cause issues like this are: -

- Methane: forms an explosive mixture in air at levels of 5-16% by volume.
- Carbon Dioxide (CO2): a toxic, asphyxiating gas; maximum permissible levels 0.5% by volume for long term exposure and 1.5% by volume for short tem exposure.
- Radon: a radioactive gas associated with increased levels of cancer. Radon gas is tasteless and odourless and is highly hazardous for human beings hence the importance of an effective radon barrier.

Less common hazardous gases could include carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide and hydrogen. The three most common occurences of gas contamination are:-

- Brownfield sites
- Landfill
- Natural occurrence.

To combat these issues a gas resistant membrane can be installed in order to seal all the foundations and footprint areas of a building. If the amounts of gas produced are particularly high then a ventinig system is required to stop gas pressure buildups beneath a building and vent them safely to the atmosphere.

Installing gas membranes, a gas barrier or a radon barrier is essential from a safety point of view to remove the risk from hazardous gases.


Containment Membranes

When a barrier against water, oil or chemical ingress is required, a containment membrance provides a simple cost effective method of providing this protection. The effectiveness of any containment installation is dictated by the quality of the membrane product used and the ability of the implementation team to ensure that the membrane is installed effectively.

To this end Dance-Reeves is an approved installer of containment products for industry leading membrane producers like PAG, Visqueen and Cordek. More specific details of the products supplied by these manufacturers can be seen using the links on the left of this page.


Gas Venting Systems

Dance-Reeves Ltd stock a wide range of venting components to suit most requirements and specifications. Items include vent geocomposite venting tee connectors, vent boxes/gulleys with stainless steel lids and periscopic vents.

All of these products are utilised and installed within our specified standard designs and backed up by our warranty and P.I.

Example of Ground Level Venting System: -