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At Dance Reeves Limited we pride ourselves on the delivery of our service and design and ensuring installations are right first time.

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Why Dance Reeves?

Dance Reeves have over 50 years combined experience in the design, supply and installation of gas and water containment membranes and passive venting systems to meet BS8485:2015+A1:2019 standards.

We have a working alliance with all the leading gas and containment membrane manufacturers as approved, nominated installers.

The British Standard for Good Practice on Gas Membrane Testing and Verification of Protection Systems for Buildings against Hazardous Ground Gases was updated in 2015. Dance Reeves Ltd meet the new updated standards.

All of our Dance Reeves Installers work in accordance to the relevant UK standards of good practice stated in CIRIA C735 2014.


Installing gas membranes, gas barrier or radon barrier is essential for safety to remove the risk from hazardous gases.


Items include vent geocomposite venting tee connectors, vent boxes/gulleys with stainless steel lids and periscopic vents.

Verification Services

If a barrier against water, oil or chemicals is required, a containment membrane provides a simple cost effective method of protection.

Water Containment

If a barrier against water, oil or chemicals is required, a containment membrane provides a simple cost effective method of protection.

Why choose Dance Reeves


Working with Suppliers

We work with all of the market leading suppliers.


Our Installers

All installers are NVQ Level 2 qualified.


Meeting Standards

We work to the BS 8485:2015+A1:2019 Standards.



We use fully trained technicians in accordance with our standard detail and procedures as covered and certified by ISO 9001:2000 accreditation.

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What our clients say

HGH have been employing Dance – Reeves Ltd for a number of years as a gas membrane contractor to supply and install the correct solution to meet BS8485:2015 standards whilst working alongside a Validation company as a one stop shop.


Finding a contractor who meets programme is vital to us as the installation of the membrane is critical so we do not miss our handover deadlines, Dance – Reeves Ltd have always met our requirements. Price is always an important factor, however we also great value. Based on our long – standing business relationship and previous contract performances, if it is not broken do not fix it! I would always recommend Dance – Reeves Ltd.

Ed Cookson

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