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Verification Services

When a barrier against water, oil or chemical ingress is required, a containment membrane provides a simple cost-effective method of providing this protection. The effectiveness of any containment installation is dictated by the quality of the membrane product used and the ability of the implementation team to ensure that the membrane is installed effectively.

Gas Venting Systems

Dance-Reeves Ltd stock a wide range of venting components to suit most requirements and specifications. Items include vent geocomposite venting tee connectors, vent boxes/gulleys with stainless steel lids and periscopic vents.

All of these products are utilised and installed within our specified standard designs and backed up by our warranty and P.I.

Ciria C735 states that the local authority’s responsibility as a regulator of land contamination, which includes land that is affected by ground gas emissions, is essential for their assessment and approval of the developers’ planning proposals (which includes the solving strategy) and the post development verification report.

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